End of Semester Stats

Website key findings:

Over the course of the semester, we found a direct correlation between the number of posts and the amount of traffic we received. So, we decided to do shorter posts, more frequently. We did not really receive traffic from google searches. This could be because our content was very specific.


Social Media Key Findings:

BuzzCity really found our strength in social media. Very quickly we were able to organically gain a good amount of followers. In Facebook, we ended up with 106 followers, in Twitter we gained 139 followers, and Instagram gained 25. In addition to being able to share content that we found valuable, we were able to share our blog posts. Facebook was by far our number one referrer to our blog. We found that using our own contacts on Facebook to spread information was the most effective way to gain followers and organically reach out to people. However, on Twitter and Instagram, it was more effective to use carefully thought out hashtags. We were truly surprised to find such a vast network of a very specific topic. Overall, we learned a tremendous amount about what it entails to start up a campaign.


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